Urban Fabrics graduation start September 2021: mentors & studio approach

The studio topic is At Home, questioning how the future city will look like. The climate crisis and increasing social diversification and inequality are urgencies that ask for new strategies of urban transformation. The Green deal asks for a higher interweaving of city and landscape, leisure and food production, but also rethinking urban mobility. Many cities experience an increased inflow of new inhabitants, causing a diversification of a city’s inhabitants, also related to international migration. Achieving social cohesion is therefore an important task. Check out the sub-menus of ‘Education’ for additional information and further literature from July onwards.

Please find information about

  • the studio set-up with this link,
  • the studio approach with this link and
  • the studio essentials set-up with this link.

Following mentors are available as first and second mentors for students starting their graduation in September 2021. In case you have general questions, please contact studio coordinator Birgit Hausleitner.

The number in the bracket indicates availability as first mentor.