Track record

There is a strong record of research projects, consultancy projects and publication that demonstrates progress in this theme.


  • Cities of Making. JPI Urban Europe project. Role: partner. Researchers: Han Meyer, Birgit Hausleitner, Victor Munoz Sanz. Research assistants: Anne de Jong, Ricardo Avella, Rajat Uchil, Anouk Klapwijk. Coordinator: Latitude, Brussels.
  • NODES – New tOols for Design and OpEration of Urban Transport InterchangeS. EU FP7 programme. Role: partner. Principal Researcher: Frank van der Hoeven. Coordinator: UITP International Association of Public Transport. Duration: 9/2012 to 9/2015
  • Better Airport Regions – Models and Development Pathways for Sustainable Urban Transformation. NWO – Urban Regions in the Delta. Role: coordinator. Principal Researcher: Arjan van Timmeren & Andy van den Dobbelsteen. Duration: 2012 to 2014

Journal articles

  • Berghauser Pont, M., Stavroulaki, G., Gil, J., Marcus, L., Olsson, J., Sun, K., Serra, M., Hausleitner, B., Dhanani, A. & Legeby, A., (2019) The spatial distribution and frequency of street, plot and building types across five European cities. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science. 46, 7, p. 1226-1242 Link
  • Hoeven, F.D. van der & Nes, A. van (2014). Improving the design of urban underground space in metro stations using the space syntax methodology. Tunneling and Underground Space Technology, 40 (February), 64-74. Link.
  • Hoeven, FD van der & Wandl, A (2014). Amsterwarm: Mapping the land use, health and energy-efficiency implications of the Amsterdam urban heat island. Building Services Engineering Research & Technology:an international journal, 2014, 1-22. (IF: 0.82). Link.
  • Portugali, J. & Stolk, E. H. (2014) A SIRN view on design thinking – An urban design perspective. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 41(5) 829 – 846. Link.
  • Trip, JJ & Romein, A (2014). Creative city policy and the gap with theory. European Planning Studies, 22(12), 2490-2509. Link.
  • Mak, A. & Stouten, P. (2014) Urban Regeneration in Rotterdam: Economic and Social Values. European Spatial Research and Policy, 21(1), 101-122. Link.

Book chapters

  • Hausleitner, B. (2019) Mixed-Use City. Configurations from the street network to the parcel. DASH Home Work City: Living and working in the urban block. Rotterdam: nai010 publishers, p. 56-67 (Delft Architectural Studies on Housing (DASH); vol. 15).
  • Sijmons, DF & Dorst, MJ van (2012). Strong Feelings: Emotional Landscape of Wind Turbines. In S Stremke & A van Dobbelsteen (Eds.), Sustainable Energy Landscapes, Designing & Development (pp. 45-67). Boca Raton, Florida: Taylor & Francis Group. Link.
  • McArdle, G, Demsar, U, Spek, SC van der & McLoone, S (2013). Interpreting Pedestrian Behaviour by Visualising and Clustering Movement Data. In S Liang & X Wang (Eds.), Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems: Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium, W2GIS 2013 Vol. 7820. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (pp. 64-81). s.l.: Springer.
  • Langelaar, CM van & Spek, SC van der (2012). Walking streams and the plinth. In M Glaser, M van ‘t Hoff, H Karssenberg, J Laven & J van Teeffelen (Eds.), The city at eye level (pp. 86-93). Delft: Eburon.

Book publications

  • Meyer, V.J.; Westrik, J.; Hoekstra, M.J. (2014) Het programma en ruimtegebruik van de stad. SUN, Amsterdam.
  • Portugali, J., Tan, E., Meyer, V. J. & Stolk, E. H. (2012) Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age, Heidelberg, Springer. Link.
  • Portugali, J. Stolk, E.H. (2016) Complexity, Cognition, Urban Planning and Design, Heidelberg, Springer. Link.
  • Hill, Adrian V (ed.). (2020) Foundries of the Future: a Guide to 21st Century Cities of Making. With contributions by: Ben Croxford, Teresa Domenech, Birgit Hausleitner, Adrian Vickery Hill, Han Meyer, Alexandre Orban, Víctor Muñoz Sanz, Fabio Vanin and Josie Warden. Delft. TU Delft Open, 2020. Link

Participatory instrument / Game

  • Hausleitner, B. (Birgit); Muñoz Sanz, V. (Victor); Hill, A.V. (Adrian); Meyer, V.J. (Han); Croxford, B. (Ben); Domenech Aparisi, T. (Teresa); Warden, J. (Josie); Vanin, F. (Fabio); Orban, A. (Alexandre); Nakhle, L. (Lise); Rebreanu, L. (Laura) (2020) Cities of Making pattern language _ final card set. 4TU.Centre for Research Data. Dataset.

Conference articles

  • Hausleitner, B., Berghauser Pont, M. (2017). Development of a configurational typology for micro-businesses integrating geometric and configurational variables. Proceedings XI space syntax conference, Lisbon.
  • Berghauser Pont,M., Stavroulaki,G.,  Gil, J., Marcus, L., Serra, M., Hausleitner, B., Olsson, J., Abshirini Dhanani, A. (2017) Quantitative comparison of cities: Distribution of street and building types based on density and centrality measures. Proceedings XI space syntax conference, Lisbon.


  • Hausleitner, B.; Chraniotti, A. (2014) Space Syntax Analyses Metrostop Vijzelstraat/Vijzelgracht. Report commissioned by DRO Amsterdam, Jos Gadet, Joan Stegenga.
  • Wal, H. van de, M.J. van Dorst (2014). Privacy scripting in De Architect 5/2103, p. 28 – 37.
  • Mashhoodi, B.; Stolk, E.H. (2014) RDSS – Rotterdam Decision Support System.
  • Pijpers-van Esch, M.M.E. et al (2013) Beroepspraktijk Stedebouw NL. Een onderzoek van de masteropleidingen stedebouw van de TU Delft, TU Eindhoven en de Academies van Bouwkunst van Rotterdam, Amsterdam en Tilburg. Link.
  • Berghauser Pont, M., Hausleitner, B., vanNes, A. (2011) Stedelijke potenties Buiksloterham. Analyse m.b.v. Space Syntax, Spacematrix , MXI. Report in opdracht van Eigen Haard & Expo; U-Lab Urbanism Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft


  • Complexity, Cognition, Urban Planning and Design, 2nd Delft International Conference, October 2013.