Play the City Talk Show – 12 september 19:30-22:00

On 12 September Ekim Tan will defend her thesis “Negotation and Design for the Self-Organizing City: A Game-Based Approach to City Making” (download here). This official ceremony will take place in the Aula and will start at 12:00.

From the summary (pp14-15): “This thesis proposes Generative City Gaming as an innovative urban planning and design method built on the tradition of serious gaming. Going beyond the educational scope of other serious games, the ultimate aim of city gaming is to become operational in urban processes – a goal in the process of making a reality since 2008, when Generative City Gaming was first applied to a real urban questions in the Netherlands, later expanding to Istanbul, Tirana, Brussels, and Cape Town. Negotiation and Design for the Self-Organizing City” reports on six of the twelve city games played to date which were instrumental in the evolution of the method.”

The Play the City Talk Show will start at 19:30 in Amsterdam. The talkshow has a great line-up of professionals who gather to discuss the relevancy of City Games to Collaborative City Making. Don’t miss it!