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Education fall 2015

Education agenda fall semester 2015/16 Week 1.1 – Wednesday 2 September 9:15-10:30 – IO-Bernd Schierbeek: Introduction Design of the Urban Fabric – pdf download Egbert Stolk, Birgit Hausleitner, Arie Romein Week 1.2 – Wednesday 9 September – 8:45-10:30 – IO-Bernd Schierbeek: Liveability and Public Space in the Happy City – pdf download Maurice Harteveld Joint …

Academic Urban Design

Here you can download the talks of the pre-event to the PhD-defense of Egbert Stolk. Introduction Elise van Dorst Talk Kees Dorst Download ‘Academic Design’ Inaugural Speech Talk Juval Portugali Download ‘Information Adaptation’ by Haken & Portugali Youtube: Gorilla illusion Talk Taeke de Jong Website Taeke de Jong

PhD Defence Egbert Stolk

A complexity-cognitive approach to urban design On October 19th at 15:00 Egbert Stolk will defend his PhD thesis in the Senaatszaal of the Auditorium at Delft University of Technology. The laymen’s talk will start at 14:30. This dissertation investigates: How urban design can be described as a collective cognitive activity in a complex …

PhD Defence Marjolein Pijpers-van Esch

Designing the Urban Microclimate On July 7th Marjolein Pijpers – van Esch successfully defended her PhD thesis! A framework for a design-decision support tool for the dissemination of knowledge on the urban microclimate to the urban design process The urban microclimate has a significant impact on people’s physical health. Effects …