Victor Muñoz Sanz

I am an Assistant Professor of Urban Design at TU Delft. My research interests focus on the socio-spatial implications of (past and ongoing) technological transitions and changes in work patterns, more-than-human ecologies of extended urbanization and productive green infrastructures.

 Thesis I supervise have a trans-scalar approach, featuring a strong research and analytical component, exploratory research methods, and propose radical reimaginations of spaces and processes on the following topics:

  • Design investigations of automated landscapes of extended urbanisation, deciphering their physical and material configurations;
  • Platform urbanism, urban logistics, remote work, precarious labor;
  • Situated entanglements of technology, questioning assemblages of human and more-than-human work with particular landscapes and architectures;
  • Spatial typologies and places for green work, establishing links between urban greening strategies, landscape and biotope types, productive activities, and spatial design (as part of a collaboration with the Municipality of Almere).


I hold the degree of Architect from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM, 2006), a Master of Architecture in Urban Design, with distinction, from Harvard University Graduate School of Design (2011), and a Ph.D. cum laude in Architecture from UPM (2016). 

Relevant research experience:

Relevant output:

Books and journal editorships

  • Muñoz Sanz, V., Thomidou, A., eds. (2022), Roadside Picnics: Encounters with the Uncanny in the Anthropocene, Barcelona: DPR Barcelona.
  • Van den Heuvel, D., Muñoz Sanz, V., Martens, J., eds. (June 2020), Habitat: Ecology Thinking in Architecture, Rotterdam: NAI 010 Publishers.
  • Dijkstra, R., Ionescu I., Muñoz Sanz, V., eds. (2019), Robocar and Urban Space Evolution: City changes in the age of autonomous cars. Delft: TU Delft Open.
  • Muñoz Sanz, V., Handel, D., eds. (2019), Footprint: Delft Architecture Theory Journal issue 25, Vol. 13 No 2, “The Human, Conditioned.”
  • Mehrotra, R., Doherty, G., Muñoz Sanz, V., eds. (2012), Extreme Urbanism 2: Speculations and Alternative Futures for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Graduate School of Design.


Exemplary thesis projects: