Teake Bouma

Teake Bouma specialises in urban design on a micro-scale. This includes the design of urban blocks in relation to their public space, the transition of private to public space, building regulations and parcelling.

You can look at the following graduation projects I have guided in previous years:

Yu, Qian (2020) Exploring the Endogenous Development Model of Rural Areas Based on Tourism Background, take Wuyuan as an example

Yan, Ran (2021) Ancient salination: A generator for sustainable development of the salt villages in Danzhou

Hou, Ying (2021) Improving Livability in Historic Neighborhood: A Case Study of Meiyuan Xincun, Nanjing, China

Shadap, Alan (2019). The future of informal pathways: Reinforcing the identity of public space in hilltowns

Taroudaki, Kallirroi (2017) Dynamic Riverscapes: A vision for inhabitable, sustainable floodplains. The case of Huissensche Waard