Marco Lub

Marco Lub is nowadays a theoretical academic architect and urban designer. His general focus is design and the urban design-process, with conceptual thinking and creativity as a basic attitude.

As far as Marco’s specialty is concerned, in the end, Urban Design is all about shaping the city and public spaces and about the effects these shapes cause. Marco has a long experience in design-development and building. Of course, design decisions are made on basis of clever research. Urban construction is one of the few things on earth which you cannot test. It is too heavy and too large. Learning from it and predicting its course is what we do in research and design. So we work with research-by-design methods and we act like design-academics.

Marco works at Urbanism since 2010. (part-time)


Urban Fabrics is part of the section Urban Design. This is the only section in the department of Urbanism which deals with aesthetics and cultural understanding and the skills to handle these. Urban fabrics explores the city, the urban constellation and construction. And how form of the places we design, choose and use, is interrelated with sometimes less tactile but dominating human and biotic mechanisms in the urban environment. Anything we materialize is a spatial intervention, as an act of conditional transformation. Urban Fabrics is also closely related to architecture.

Design work

In his work, Marco focusses on these key words:

Key words for design:  Esthetics, Form, Space, Proportion, Tactility, People, Meaning, Culture, Language, History, Materials, Typologies, Energies and Flows.

Key words for methods:  Sharp Analyses, Research by Design, Scale and Time design, Association, Sketching, Drawing, Modelling, Communication.

Key words for everything:  Innovative, Durability, Ecology, Health and Beauty.

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Message from Marco about China

Maybe I can help you with my humble Sino-Western knowledge.

Since 2018 I do educational projects with Chinese partners like universities. Here in NL and in China.

In the 4th quarter of 2021-2022 there will be a 1 time 5-ECT elective which somehow might be interesting for you to integrate in your subject. Dr. G. Bracken and me are working on it right now.

It is named Space+

It explores in 5 weeks design skills for cultural understanding and form in Urban Design.

We do this together with Xi’an University of Technology and Science, Landscape Architecture, China. (offline before: Beijing, Xi’an, Yinchuan, now online).

Soon on Instagram.

To see my latest publication:

Let me know, I am interested.

Marco Lub