Machiel van Dorst

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 17.51.19I am professor in Environment, Behaviour and Design and head of the section Urban Studies. I have a background in environmental-psychology and urbanism. If we work together, it will be on the relation between wellbeing of people and urban design. Wellbeing of people may be on universal needs like health, safety, happiness, social resilience, liveability or on specific target groups like child-friendly design, senior citizens or the social deprived. Urban design is from the eye level perspective, so from streetscapes to neighbourhoods.

Part of my research is Rotterdam south and I run a studio with the veldacademie on location. Well-being of people also include (methods for) co-design, like the pattern language. For this topic, I also work together with colleagues of Communication Design for Innovation (CDI).

I have supervised students on projects around the globe, from all tracks of our faculty. Next to Rotterdam, I have specific experience with projects in Indonesia.