Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip

Assistant professor section landscape architecture specialized in issues on landscape identity and narratives, sense of place, landscape and urban biography, history and heritage landscapes, green urban spaces etc. All places are somehow touched by what happened in the past; how it was used, experienced and transformed? How can we identify, define and use these tangible and intangible characteristics for new designs for the future? How can we use the historic elements and identity to increase a livable city in the 21st century?

Gerdy is trained as an architect and she has been working form architectural firms as well as for a municipality on all types of projects in Architecture, Landscape architecture and Urbanism and she has written various articles on heritage, landscape, narratives and policy advice. She is  co-organizing the graduation lab Urban Fabric- cultural identity. For research, she is working on future perspectives of the historic  Southern Water Defense line in North Brabant and student participation in these processes for the National Landscape Triennial 2021. Next to this, she is organizing a publication on our planted infrastructure like avenues and urban green (urban forestry). Her research interest are theory in heritage and transformation, country houses and suburban villas, planted avenues and green public spaces and military heritage.

Main methods

identity driven analysis of the urban landscape, mental mapping, spatial application of the landscape biography, four layer approach in landscape architecture, designing through the scales.

Exemplary thesis projects:

List of main publications: (more complete list on my profile at

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Verschuure-Stuip, G.A. (2017). Hofwijck, a landscape of country houses in Holland in the seventeenth century. In: B. Andersen, M.K. Eljaer, M. Frausing: Herregardshistorie (Denemarken), no 2, pp 35-46.