On this page you can find an overview of different Ways to Study Urban Fabrics. It represents the expertise of the research group: theories, methods and techniques we use and suggest to study urban fabrics. Each Way to Study includes a brief description, some examples from students’ work and basic literature. The aim of this overview is to provide students with sound building blocks for their graduation-project.

This overview is a work in progress, and does not aim or claim to be complete. Of course, there are many other ways to study Urban Fabrics, which students are welcome to explore (see, for example,

Exploring futures and linking research and design

Basic desk research

Interacting with others


  • Observing behaviour
  • Observing physical traces
  • Mental mapping
  • Interviews


  • GIS mapping
  • Simulation models
  • Drawing & mapping

Processed analysis

  • Space-time prisms, tracking
  • Story-lines
  • Legibility analysis