Special events

Conference in 2017: Emotion, Imagination, Urban Planning and Design

Emotions and imagination are active forces in urban design processes. The collective result of these design processes, the urban environment, trigger various emotional responses and stir up our imagination. From a scientific perspective, the role of emotions and imagination in shaping cities is a relatively unexplored territory. We challenge students to study literature outside the domain of urbanism. Students will: (1) develop a framework for designing affective environments; (2) use this framework in an imaginative urban design project; (3) and/or reflect on the design processes from this scientific perspective. Posters of student projects will be exhibited at the ‘Emotion, Imagination, Urban Planning and Design’ conference in the autumn of 2017. Outstanding students will be invited to give an oral presentation and publish a paper in the post-conference book.

This is the third Delft International Conference. More information on the 1st and 2nd Conference can be found here.