Ongoing PhD projects

  • Cai, J. (~2017) Transforming existing cities. An integrated design tool towards urban design with historical continuity. Promotor: Henco Bekkering. PhD-profile.
  • Curry, T. SJ (~2017) How Architecture Students Learn to Design – A Theoretical Framework with a Special Emphasis on the Role of Aesthetic Judgment in the Design Process. Promotor: Henco Bekkering. PhD-profile.
  • Forgaci, C. (~2017) Scale and Resilience: Rebinding Community and Territory. Promotor: Arjan van Timmeren, daily supervisor: Egbert Stolk. PhD-profile.
  • Hausleitner, B. (~2016). The spatial organisation of work in the city. Promotor: Han Meyer, daily supervisor: Meta Berghauser-Pont. PhD-profile.
  • Hoekstra, M.J. (~2016). De stad in woorden. Stedenbouwkundige begrippen in ontwikkeling. Promotor: Han Meyer. PhD-profile.
  • Perez Rendon, G. (~2016). The Spatialization of Civic Participation: Urban Policy, Socio-Spatial Restructuring and Local Action; in low-income neighbourhoods in Rotterdam and New York. Promotor: Vincent Nadin, daily supervisor: Paul Stouten. PhD-profile.