Workshop ‘The real story behind the Schilderswijk’

Students Eva van Rijen and Freke Aalpoel, affiliated for their graduation with the Urban Fabrics research group, organise the workshop ‘The real story behind the Schilderswijk. The Schilderswijk from an environmental psychological perspective.’ on Friday November 13th in Den Haag. Interested to join? find more information here:


Poster Workshop

Thesis presentation PuiYi Kong 29 October 12:15

ringzone adam PuiYi

Common Ground. Bridging polarities in the ring zone area of Amsterdam

PuiYi Kong

Mentor team:  Birgit Hausleitner, Egbert Stolk

The city center of Amsterdam is growing. The Ringzone in particular, will function as the extension of the city center. In this context, the aim is to find a transformation strategy that allows the change of program and change of use of space; a strategy that bridges the urban with suburban, while sustaining existing spatial qualities and catering for needs of user groups.

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date and time: 29.10.2015  12:15-13:30

location:  Zaal P



Thesis presentation Andrea Aragone 29 October 10:45

12_enclosed green_project Andrea

Migrated Space Contrasts

Andrea Aragone

Mentor team:  Egbert Stolk, Birgit Hausleitner

“Migrated Space Contrasts” focuses on the relations between social groups and their everyday life in the public space, understanding the socio-spatial potentials of the public realm through the influential processes that occur between the different communities in the Matonge district of Bruxelles. The research outlines a more socially balanced relation between the contrasting groups through a design that roots in potentials of the social and spatial features of the district.

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date and time: 29.10.2015  10:55-12:00

location:  Zaal P

World Habitat Day 5 October 2015: Public Spaces for All

Happy World Habitat Day!

The purpose of World Habitat Day, October 5th 2015, is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. It is also intended to remind the world that we all have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns. This year the United Nations chose the theme ‘Public Spaces for All’ as very relevant for the Habitat Agenda.

Urban October 2015

Objectives of World Habitat Day 2015

  1. Raise awareness about the need for well designed and managed public spaces and streets.

Great to see that one of the key themes of our research group takes centre stage also for UN Habitat.

Find more information here:  or download: the UrbanOctoberBackgroundPaper


PhD Defence Marjolein Pijpers-van Esch

Designing the Urban Microclimate

On July 7th Marjolein Pijpers – van Esch successfully defended her PhD thesis!

A framework for a design-decision support tool for the dissemination of knowledge on the urban microclimate to the urban design process

prom-marjolein (184) kopieThe urban microclimate has a significant impact on people’s physical health. Effects range from discomfort, for example sleep disturbance, to life- threatening conditions, such as heat stroke, skin and lung cancer. It is therefore vital that the urban microclimate is given considerable attention in the urban design process.

The PhD research focuses on the integration and transfer of knowledge from the specialized field of urban microclimatology into the generic field of urban design. Both fields are studied in order to identify crosslinks and reveal gaps. The main research question: How can the design of urban neighbourhoods contribute to microclimates that support physical well-being and what kind of information and form of presentation does the urban designer need in order to make design decisions regarding such urban microclimates?

The result of the research is a framework for a design-decision support tool that is proposed as a means to integrate knowledge of the urban microclimate into the urban design process, enabling urban designers to practice climate-sensitive urban design, and, thus contribute to the physical well-being of people.

Online tool:

Thesis presentation Dries Zimmermann 30 June 9:15

Dries Presentatie-01.jpg

A world of acquaintances; how spatial patterns on various scales can form an integrated strategy to facilitate collective efficacy in Beverwaard

Dries Zimmermann

Mentor team:  Maurice Harteveld, Machiel van Dorst, Egbert Stolk

My graduation project tries to find a spatial answer to a society shifting from the welfare state towards a participatory society. How can we as planners and designers facilitate participation on various scales?

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date and time: 30.6.2015  09:15-10:00

location:  Zaal C

Thesis presentation WenWen Sun 30 June 16:45


Design as a mediating instrument

Wen Wen Sun

Mentor team:  Maurice Harteveld, Egbert Stolk

‘The thesis addresses a research and a design practice on urban design in the complex urban networks with multiple actors involved via an inspiring Italian case. It is about how urban design performs as a mediating instrument in the process.’

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date and time: 30.6.2015  16:45-17:30

location:  Zaal X