Jan Jacob Trip

I am an urban and ec160418_26433386841_0c8fd92c42_oonomic geographer. My research focuses on the spatial and economic aspects of transport infrastructure and new types of transport, and on the social-economic and spatial development of cities. These interests came together in my PhD thesis, which dealt with the assessment of spatial quality in railway station redevelopment areas. Other projects cover topics such as the evaluation of urban quality and public transport in the spatial planning  programmes, the location preferences of cultural and creative industries or the role of innovative start-ups in regional economic competitiveness.

In recent years my research interests shifted back to the relation between urban development and transport. This includes for instance the spatial aspects of electric mobility (for example parking and recharging infrastructure) and of other new transport developments such as autonomous vehicles and e-commerce. Still, the development of transport nodes and their role in urban redevelopment remains one of my main interests as well. Aspects that I find interesting in all these cases are for instance the interaction (or tension) between processes and developments on different spatial scales, the embeddedness of infrastructure in public space and the relation between networks of functions and relations on the one hand, and physical networks of buildings and infrastructure on the other.

Most of my recent research was carried out within international cooperation projects. I particularly like how the people, practices and experiences from countries with different economic, social, cultural and administrative contexts help to broaden your perspective.

E-mail: J.J.Trip@Tudelft.nl