Arie Romein


My professional capacity is in the field of urban and regional development. My long-standing research interest is in the transformation of urban structures of the ‘post-manufacturing’ city. Due to major trends in the contemporary (capitalist) society, the urban economy has been enlarged with cultural, creative, knowledge-based and last but not least consumption-oriented industries. The latter has become manifest by the expansion of the ‘phantasy city’ of leisure and entertainment industries. This transformation has impacted upon economic and social trends in cities, but no less upon their spatial and physical urban fabrics. In a side-line of my research on its impacts on the urban fabric, I have some track record in the fields of local urban regeneration policies and planning with regard to this transformation.

More recently, I broadened my expertise with research about energy efficiency and waste reduction and -management in cities. In addition to dimensions of people’s behaviour and application of technology, both topics also have a clear relation with urban form.

In addition to the above I am an experienced lecturer in the methodology of empirical research. That makes me well qualified to give guidance to students in the ‘art of research’, embedded as that is in an urban design as the final deliverable in most students’ graduation project. Say it simply: I can help you structuring the research, defining the necessary data (information), and collecting and processing data.

I am available as mentor to coach students who are interested in my research themes and who want support in methodological aspects of their graduation project. Some of the students (and titles of theses written in English) I have supervised recently :

  • Gijs de Haan (2016), A tale of two cities. Balancing use and exchange value in fragmented London through global and local integration. link repository
  • Ieva Lendraitytė (2016), Joint approach to revitalise Kaunas city centre. Exploring Possibilities of Economic and Social Regeneration in the Context of Post-Socialist City Centre  link repository
  • Lynn van Calmthout (2016), Noord’s Participatiesamenleving [participative society]: Towards a spatial response to government participation link repository
  • Ksenia Polyanina (2015), Creative Amsterdam link repository
  • Henriette van der Hee (2015), Creating knowledge locations. Designing efficient and inspiring knowledge clusters in Delft. link repository
  • Rosa Schouten (2014), Arriving in the Tarwewijk. The upward social mobility of immigrants link repository
  • Hannah Cremers (2012), The SuikerUnie factory towards a creative future. A gradual and flexible strategy for the site in Groningen towards a creative based urban development. link repository

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