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October 2015

Thesis presentation PuiYi Kong 29 October 12:15

Common Ground. Bridging polarities in the ring zone area of Amsterdam PuiYi Kong Mentor team:  Birgit Hausleitner, Egbert Stolk The city center of Amsterdam is growing. The Ringzone in particular, will function as the extension of the city center. In this context, the aim is to find a transformation strategy that …

Thesis presentation Andrea Aragone 29 October 10:45

Migrated Space Contrasts Andrea Aragone Mentor team:  Egbert Stolk, Birgit Hausleitner “Migrated Space Contrasts” focuses on the relations between social groups and their everyday life in the public space, understanding the socio-spatial potentials of the public realm through the influential processes that occur between the different communities in the Matonge …

Academic Urban Design

Here you can download the talks of the pre-event to the PhD-defense of Egbert Stolk. Introduction Elise van Dorst Talk Kees Dorst Download ‘Academic Design’ Inaugural Speech Talk Juval Portugali Download ‘Information Adaptation’ by Haken & Portugali Youtube: Gorilla illusion Talk Taeke de Jong Website Taeke de Jong