‘Urban Complexity’ by Peter Sloot – 15 January 16:00-18:00

On January 15 16:00-18:00, Peter Sloot* will give a lecture on ‘Urban Complexity’ – by summarising and explaining the studies of West and Bettencourt (link). The Amsterdam institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) will host this event.

See the website of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) for more information and registration.

* Peter Sloot’s research on Dark Criminal Networks was part of the Dutch television program ‘Labyrinth’ (youtube, in Dutch).

Street Smart: graduation Iren Koomen – 16 December 2014

Street Smart: A Social Learning Perspective on the Restructuring of Oud-Charlois
The graduation process Street Smart focuses on the problems prevalent in problem neighbourhoods, particularly those that affect young people. By creating a link between the social sciences and urbanism, this projects aims to create socio-spatial interventions that target both the social and spatial dimension of the problems at play. This approach is illustrated through a practical case study of the neighbourhood of Oud-Charlois. It’s design is specifically focused on supporting children and adolescents, who are not merely target groups but also co-designers of the project.

View on the Boergoensevliet (pp.226-227)

More information can be found in the repository.

Nikos Salingaros on Patterns

Working with patterns? Please have a look at the website of Nikos Salingaros. There are a lot of relevant writings on patterns and urbanism.